Collection: Classic collection

Discover the timeless grace of the I saw the Virgin la Classique line, a brand specializing in the creation of religious articles like no other.

Damien and Alexandra, the founders, offer statuettes and ex votos as works of sacred art which combine beauty, originality and accessibility, perfect for enriching your personal selection or giving you the pleasure of offering at a baptism.

Alexandra, having experienced the key stages of her faith through her baptism, communion and confirmation, brings a unique sensitivity to each of their creations. His understanding of symbols and meaning ensures authentic and emotionally powerful pieces.

For his part, Damien, a talented artist, has been exploring religious art for many years. His passion and expertise are evident in every detail of his works.

Each statue of the Classical Virgin is the result of meticulous work and a deep love for sacred art.

As we want to make these religious statues accessible to all those who seek to enrich their faith and their space of worship, we offer reasonable prices, while guaranteeing the quality and originality of each piece.

Offer your customers the opportunity to acquire inspiring works of art that will nourish their faith and spirituality. With I Saw the Virgin the Classic, religious art comes to life in a new and captivating way.