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    Bank card,

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  • Click and collect

    You can collect your packages directly from our workshop

    *21 avenue du Docteur Heckel Les DOCKS de l’EST, 13011 Marseille

  • Package

    Prepared with care and lots of love ♥️

  • Our customer service

    Always at your disposal

  • Made in France 🇫🇷

    90% imagined and/or painted then manufactured in our Marseille workshop

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  • Art

    At home or in the office, it is omnipresent. Formerly gallery owners, art history professor, and artist, we draw our inspiration from contemporary art as well as ancient sacred art. At the workshop, we are a bit like a hive, we come across graffiti artists, sculptors, singers, jugglers...

  • The environment

    We try as much as possible to use recycled materials and re-use them wherever possible!

  • Respect for beliefs

    Whether you are at mass every Sunday, whether you pray five times a day or Shomer from Friday onwards, or even you, the agnostic who remains a little skeptical... Here, you come as you are, we I like it like that.