Everything starts

There are stories whose outcome is totally improbable... It all starts with the opening of a concept-store-art salon at the foot of the Notre Dame de la Garde hill, in Marseille.

Every morning, on the way to their gallery, Alexandra and Damien greet the Virgin and Child. The very one who watches over sinners, protects the people of Marseille and shines brightly in her golden dress. Every morning, they marvel at its beauty and this unshakable symbol of the Marseille city. Then, during a conversation, the day after fashion week, they say: “What if we dressed him in red! Red is trendy, isn’t it? After all, maybe she's tired of being in gold! ". The idea was born.

The duo, a city couple always looking for stylish souvenirs to bring back from their travels, then hastened to paint a statuette of Notre Dame in monochrome.

I saw the Virgin, trendy bondieuseries and decoration made in France

Trendy, colorful and made in France jewelry!

I saw the Virgin shake up the codes of decoration, of the kitschy (but so sentimental) "granny" joke by putting rock and quirky where you don't expect it! A Mary statuette covered in pink or a grass-colored Notre-Dame?

Trendy and elegant statuettes

We offer decorations made in France, Notre-Dame de la Garde statuettes, Virgin Marys but also wall decorations such as ex-votos or stylized crosses.

Respect for religion obviously, but also for French know-how. Also, the desire of J’ai vu la Virginie is to highlight the talent of our local businesses. Cock-a-doodle Doo! Our products are, as much as possible, made in France. They are either manufactured in local factories or shaped in our Marseille workshops.

Decoration made in France 🇫🇷

All your orders are carefully prepared by our manufacturing workshop elves in Marseille.