Everything starts

There are stories whose outcome is totally improbable... It all starts with the opening of a concept-store-art salon at the foot of the Notre Dame de la Garde hill, in Marseille.

Every morning, on the way to their gallery, Alexandra and Damien greet the Virgin and Child. The very one who watches over sinners, protects the people of Marseille and shines brightly in her golden dress. Every morning, they marvel at its beauty and this unshakable symbol of the Marseille city. Then, during a conversation, the day after fashion week, they say: “What if we dressed him in red! Red is trendy, isn’t it? After all, maybe she's tired of being in gold! ". The idea was born.

The duo, a city couple always looking for stylish souvenirs to bring back from their travels, then hastened to paint a statuette of Notre Dame in monochrome.

Meaning of my card

Divine word, prediction, prophecy…  we have to go back very, very far, to Antiquity, to understand the origin of the oracle. Already, we are diving back into our Latin classes, not without a hint of worry, to realize that the root of the word takes its essence in the verb orare (to speak). A reference to the word of the gods, with humans as mediator! The idea being, as you will have understood, that through the cards, women and men understand divine desires! No wonder then, that in Greek mythology, oracles are often mentioned. The most famous being that of Delphi with Pythia as its prophetess… 

Same speech in the Bible where the will of God is stated by the prophets . Clearly, before the coming of the Lord, the prophets spoke through oracles transmitting the thoughts of God ( Hebrews 12-25 ).

Since these immemorial times, oracles like tarot cards have multiplied... we obviously think of the tarot of Marseille or even the oracle of Belline... 

I saw the Virgin, particularly sensitive to spiritual things, could not resist the desire to imagine one, revisited of course!  Called the oracle of Mary, by JVV, it is based on only 7 pendant cards (the Sun, the World, the Moon, the Force, the Empress, the Lover and the Star) hidden in a candle… Choose in one at random and you will be informed about your current mood, about the “energy” that drives you! The card in question will deliver a message to you... Trust your intuition and the emotions you feel, they are the ones who know.

Empress III

Generosity, creativity, peace and love. Here is the portrait of the Empress! What a woman: she knows how to assert herself wisely and always shows kindness. Ambition, fierceness and intelligence characterize her. Wow, all of you, right? Not so fast...

If you draw the Empress card,  is that you will undoubtedly have to face an unprecedented situation. Rest assured, everything should work as you wish: to do this you will need to approach this step with pragmatism  and follow your intuition. Even if you did not doubt it, the Empress confirms it to you: you are going in the right direction and your influence is undeniable. 

Comfortable in your sneakers as in your relationships, you benefit from being known and your intellect is rarely questioned.  And boom ! An iron fist in a velvet glove: combine confidence with seduction, willpower with generosity and you will have won everything!

But , because there is always a but: don't impose anything and avoid being too authoritarian... The Empress denotes high self-esteem. Unlike her, stay with your feet on the ground! If your projects have been successful so far, this unfortunately does not mean that you are immune to failure. Also, don't hesitate, as soon as you feel things are slipping away, to question yourself, just to channel your self-esteem a little and get back on track! 

As a result, if you can find the right balance, there is a good chance that your project will be successful. You can have confidence in the future; on the program of celebrations: new meetings and opportunities. You are ready) ! Go for it!

The Lover VI

He's free Max, uh... sorry Lover! That's exactly it, he is super attractive with his heightened sense of freedom, his uninhibited free will and his sacrosanct affect! He is ready to make decisive choices that could change his life. The only problem is that the Lover is undecided; yes, no, no, yes, panic on board, he doesn't know anymore... yet, associated with the light, he is one step away from starting a beautiful love story or a new adventure. Yes Yes Yes…

 If you draw the Lover card, you will have understood, this probably means that you are a little lost, a bit disoriented  and for some time now but above all we must act. Since it is impossible for you to check box a, b or c, you prefer to wait. Bad idea, very bad idea even!  Clearly, if until now you could afford not to make a decision, the situation is changing and you will have to position yourself. Prepare yourself, take your responsibilities and dare to question some of your issues. 

But how will you tell me? Raise your head, breathe in and step back to reflect on yourself and reconsider the order of things. Take stock: what are your current goals? Your desires, your desires? How do you see your future? Being anchored on your path allows you to no longer think about the route to take. Watch out for big upheavals ahead! 

Force XI

Symbol of domination through gentleness (just that!), the Strength card represents a strong spirit, which dominates matter and the brute force of the one who draws this arcana. This character endowed with power, will, and self-control is full of courage and always ready to make decisions, to move forward with audacity and frankness.

If you draw the Arcana of Force, it is because... you are in total mastery of yourself. You are one with courage, you enjoy taking on challenges and you are a born go-getter. As a bonus, the spirit follows, this is what makes your greatest asset: you do not act in haste, you are thoughtful.  It is as much a question of discernment and control as it is of tolerance. You don't give up, you show endurance and determination in your projects. Wow!

But, being as passionate about it as you are, you can also go too far when you invest yourself. And sometimes it overflows! Impatient and reckless, you flirt with aggression or you lose your temper very quickly. Yes, sometimes this force is not mastered as it should be, but you must tame yourself and silence the impulsive feelings that confuse your mind.

This is what this arcana teaches you: learn to know yourself better, have patience and let go to see your projects through to the end. You have the strength to handle difficulties and overcome them. You will need it greatly because your projects take time and you need to be patient to achieve your set goals. Take advantage of it, it’s a good time for you, it’s time to dare! 

The Star XVII

Tarot card gilded with fine gold The Star

We never tire of admiring it when it shines in the black night sky. And for good reason, the Star inspires confidence and tickles intuition. Who has never turned to this luminous dust, asking it for advice or to calm conflicts. Of great sensitivity and reminiscent of the image of women, her clairvoyance reassures individuals who approach her. It evokes natural beauty and announces an auspicious event such as the meeting of love and (or) happiness, the royal combo.

If you have drawn the Star card, it means that you are a sensitive person, who is successful in life. You have an entrepreneurial spirit and like to move forward, you are generally successful in what you do, this is your strength. Those around you judge you as someone pleasant and refined who knows how to please others and who knows how to find the right words in any situation.

But be careful, your plans are crazy crazy to the point of becoming unrealistic. You have great ambitions, you are full of desires and dreams, but you have to know how to temper yourself. Unfortunately, despite your belief, you will not be able to make everything happen. You have your head in the stars, that's true, but suddenly seen from above, the world is not as it really is! 

Limit yourself in your choices (not too much anyway!) and temper your dream machine. To do this, you need to summon your creative capacity, your emotionality, and your sensitivity to make your small selection. Be confident, you are in a very good dynamic and if you focus on bringing together your talents and all your mental and physical abilities, you will achieve your goals without any difficulty. Welcome your good cycle and the happy future that awaits you. A happy ending is in sight! 

The Sun XVIX

Tarot card gilded with fine gold the Sun

The Sun radiates and is a symbol of fertility, joy and happiness. Safety, influence and success are its attributes. It invites you to place yourself in the spotlight and shine with your splendor. The solar star is a very positive card which evokes vitality and love. It gives life and provides man with the energy and wealth necessary for his development. Last info on this card: unlike the Moon which refers to femininity, to the maternal figure, the Sun refers to masculinity, to the face of the father.

If you have drawn the Sun card, it is because you are on the road to success. On his path, your talents and values, your involvement, and your solid gold entourage. There is a good chance that your projects, in which you have placed a lot of hope for ages, will succeed. You know, you have your life in your hands. The role of the Sun? Helping you soothe your fears and move forward. In a word: he is your protector, which makes you warm and creative.

But be careful not to be like Icarus who burned his wings by trying to get too close to the sun to better resemble the birds... You are convinced that you have 100% control over your life, which flirts with illusion and risks You lose. In short, you can be your own best enemy: it is therefore time to get to know yourself better, to identify your abilities and inabilities (yes, we all have them!) and to accurately measure your chances of achieving your goals. .

Don't worry, the Sun is there to keep you from daily worries, to guide you and invite you to gather all your inner strength. This arcana brings you warmth and joy of life, it allows you to realize yourself and find harmony and balance within yourself. The Sun will lead you to altruism and the need to feel useful to others.

Beyond the need to draw on your resources, this card is a nice proof of success. Success at all levels: professional (it smells like promotion or a change of position!) and personal (this story smells like love or at least full-on seduction!) Conclusion: everything is going well and it will continue!

The Moon XVIII

We know that during the night our fears emerge, irrational or not, like resurgences linked to our wounds and old traumas. Also, you will not be surprised if you are told that the Moon represents the dark and irrational phase of your unconscious as well as the depth of your feelings, of your sensitivity. But if this kingdom of shadow represents everything that is hidden, concealed, buried, in each of us, the fact remains that it precedes the Light and that at night we also dream...

If you have drawn the Moon, it is because lately, you have been worrying a lot and are giving yourself room for anxiety. This unfortunate situation in which you find yourself entangled no longer allows you to move forward and you are aware of it, but you are unable to get out of this unfortunate situation. You feel powerless in the face of events that are beyond your control.

But you let yourself be invaded by your dark thoughts and your phobias. If they get the better of you, it is because your life is not a long, quiet river but is punctuated by moments of calm conducive to good decisions. And what do you imagine? The Moon tells you that you are right in one of these moments and that it is time to make an inner transformation. It encourages you to reflect on yourself and break down the rational barriers that block you.

Clearly, the Moon invites you to trust your intuitions and let your creativity develop. Stay alert to the signs while always distancing yourself to be able to maintain fair judgment. The moon will be your spiritual guide to direct you to make the right choices and decisions. Stay confident, with this arcana from the Oracle of Mary you will no longer have any hesitation to know what you must do and which direction to take to live a fulfilled life in accordance with yourself! We hear in our earpiece that the Moon even predicts an emotional future that will pulsate: surprises, twists and turns, revelations and the unexpected are waiting for you! Wow!

The World XXI

The World is The Map! The one that symbolizes all possibilities and absolute happiness. The energy emanating from this card is magical: it gives the feeling that “everything is working”, everything is in place, in harmony. This major arcana, which alone symbolizes the entire tarot, indicates that you have reached the end of an adventure, but above all that you are ready to start another cycle. On the menu: travel, new learning, project, transfer, moving, a sweetheart?

If you have drawn the World, it is because in one way or another there is a start from scratch to set out to discover oneself or the unknown! Exhilarating no, especially when you know that The World is a very positive indicator and you are on the right track to realizing your life desire. It may even already be time to relax and appreciate the work or the journey you have taken. To experience happiness, sometimes you have to be willing to stop and savor it – now is the time!

YOU  As you will have understood, your chances of success are at their peak. It's up to you to make the best use of the resources you have at your disposal to convert them into a winning bet. In love, this blade predicts a relationship based on sincerity, communication and sharing, just that! and announces to you a lasting and constructive romantic relationship. Professionally, you will be able to convince, reassure and make people want to follow you and trust you. you can even become a leader and lead a team, a project for the future or even start a business. In any case, you must not miss this opportunity to realize yourself in your work and your projects. 

The planets are with you! So rest assured that your future has great surprises in store for you! Yes we insist, you are lucky, you have your destiny in your hands. You have the abilities to succeed in what you want, this is a unique opportunity. You will be able to convince, reassure and make people want to follow you and trust you. The World belongs to you, it's up to you to take advantage of it and reap the benefits and crown your projects with success. You are invaded by an enchanted light which covers you with happiness and will stay with you for a long time on the path to success and fulfillment.