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J’ai vu la Vierge

Short sleeve t-shirt - I SAW THE VIRGIN

Short sleeve t-shirt - I SAW THE VIRGIN

Hot in front! With its shade of red and its gold letters, this top is the twin brother of the one with the ex-voto heart. We wear it to have fun on the dance floor or during a dinner in the latest hip bistro in the city.

The icing on the cake: the pin with its powerful magnet can be clipped wherever you want!

An original creation signed I saw the Virgin.

On the body

The t-shirts are ultra soft, comfortable, well cut, lightweight and very absorbent.  They adapt to all body shapes thanks to the absence of seams at the armhole, their straight cut and their fluidity.   

On the label

50% Lenzing Modal® and 50% cotton

Designed and printed in France

Did you know

Modal® is an ecological material used responsibly for its characteristics of strength, softness, as well as its low environmental impact. It is manufactured from wood cellulose which undergoes a chemical reaction on contact with a solvent; solvent recovered up to 95%, and revalorized in other industries.

The Rolls of modal, we went to find it at Lenzing , an Austrian company which has established itself as a specialist in innovative and cutting-edge textile materials.

The fibers are obtained from beech trees planted in self-regulating forests in Austria and Central Europe. These forests, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council certified), are not subject to intensive planting or irrigation methods.

Everything lives its life quietly, and the trees used are compensated by others kept until the right maturity.

Little more: its production was 10 to 20 times less water intensive than traditional cotton. Conclusion: the CO2 footprint of Modal is neutral.

Washing Tips

For the care of a modal fabric, wash at 30° and in “delicate” mode.  is more than enough. Exit the dryer and ironing, hang it up to dry and that's it.

Modal® is almost magical: solid limescale deposits cannot attach to the modal fibers, so no more fabric softener or other chemical product!

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