The places of inspiration for I saw the Virgin - n°1

The Secular Madres of Inti

When Inti placed his brushes, markers and sprays on the facade of one of the walls of the flea market in Marseille in the 16th arrondissement, it was a real surprise! 

A surprise  because the Chilean artist, famous for his street art, known for making colors dance in his ultra peppy paintings and evoking his South American culture was not to be part of the 2016 edition of “Marseille Street-Art Show”.

This was without taking into account his proximity to Marseille, the man is based in Barcelona,  which allowed him to take a detour to paint his Madre Secular, a secular Madonna full of spirituality. Adorned with a crown of flowers and a necklace of skulls, she holds in her hand a bloody heart that cries over a world turned upside down... 

But this monumental work is not the only one, it is part of a series started in Lisbon. The latest version of the secular mother adorns the blank wall of a building at 81 bd Vincent Auriol in Paris 13th.

It is intended, according to the author, to be “a secular representation of the Madonna, where the sacred remains outside the religious context and presents itself as something possible without breaking the laws of nature.

Thanks to the iconic composition with symbols linked to nature and science, this Madonna replaces the apple of the biblical story for Newton's apple as an allegory in the age of knowledge and skepticism. »

This series of Madre Secular doesn't make you think of our Mary of the Flowers ? 

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