News from I saw the Virgin - N°2

I saw the Virgin winking at showbiz

We are happy at JVV. And lucky. Among all our valued customers we count some famous ones. Yes yes ! And whether we like it or not, it always does us a little something to know that our creations excite our beloved “people”. 

In the series, and  support from the start, the Instagrammer Doris Blancpin who displays 186K  subscribers on his account, has always accompanied us. For more than two years now, she has done us the honor of accompanying us. Beyond the help we owe her, this girl is incredibly kind, accessible, smiling, radiant and inventive! In short, a candy.

Then, one day, while reading one of our publications, we realized that Adeline Blondieau “liked” us, wow, it’s all our youth coming to the surface! We see ourselves sitting in front of “under the Sun” or “the girls next door”, we see ourselves again learning and following her marriage to Johnny Hallyday ... In short, Adeline is a bit like a friend with whom we grew up! And guess what, she promised to come and visit us in our Marseille workshop , not very far from her Camargue land!

Then, it's the third but not the last (hihihi!) and not the least,  we come back from Paris, on the train we check our Insta and there… we read a little com’ by Laurence Boccolini  who tells us “can’t wait to receive my order”. There we inevitably have the thrilling one who gets excited. We admit it to you, we are completely honored  and we tell ourselves that the work pays off! 

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