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J’ai vu la Vierge

Sweet treats from Notre-Dame de la Garde

Sweet treats from Notre-Dame de la Garde

My bottle pouch in the bag

I saw the Virgin wanted to immerse herself in childhood memories, the sweets after school, the 10 franc coin (for the older ones) in her pocket... Wednesday afternoons at the candy store and a prick one, or two in passing with innocence... (and oh that's okay eh...).

Why La Biberine? Because we are real Marseille people, my spoiled one! And imagine that “La Biberine” was a popular confectionery, made in the 1920s. It was a fine sweet powder, enriched with delicious flavors of mint, orange or lemon. From the 1950s, the renowned confectionery Le Mistral, established in the Saint-Menet district of the beautiful city of Marseille, took over its manufacturing.

The Biberine was carefully packaged in a bag containing a few grams and sold with a licorice blowtorch, allowing the powder to be sucked up. Originally, the confectionery was contained in a form of paper cone, the end of which was cut off to suck up the powder like a baby bottle. It is from this particularity that its name was inspired. But the paper, quickly impregnated with saliva, became damp and let the powder escape into the faces and clothes of the youngest. This unfortunate inconvenience gave rise to the expression "to fall or go into a state of misfortune", synonymous with "to reduce to powder", as well as a connotation of "to fall into decay." In other regions, we could compare this expression to “leaving on a lollipop”, but this is indeed a typically Marseille expression. So you're ready to go on a romp with JVV?

Characteristic :

•material: polymer

packaging measurement: Length 10 cm x width 7 cm

.blank measure 6cm x width 2cm

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