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Ex-voto Eye of Protection

Ex-voto Eye of Protection

Have you noticed that the protective eye is making a comeback? Originating from ancient Greece where it is called “matiaki”, the lucky eye aims to protect.

The Eye of Providence or the " all-knowing eye " is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light, which may or may not be seen in the shape of a triangle . It is generally interpreted as the representation of the eye of God exercising its surveillance over Humanity . Its symbol is taken up by several religions and philosophical societies.

As in antiquity, the eye of the God of Jewish, Christian and Muslim monotheism sees and hears everything. Sometimes the divine eye appears in the sky, surrounded by clouds which it dissipates, it radiates light. It can also be inscribed in a triangle, symbol of the divine Trinity.

The protective eye designed by I saw the Virgin, symbol of protection is stylized on a soberly worked ray tray, and comes to rest on the wall to chase away the evil eye in your homes. This precious talisman placed in familiar everyday places such as the living room, bedroom or office adds a spiritual touch to your interior.

This ex voto is also a great choice for art and decor enthusiasts looking to add a unique piece to their collection. To hang alone or to complete your cabinet of curiosities.

The superstitious say that when the symbol breaks, it is because it has fulfilled its role: the evil eye has been avoided. It must then be replaced to protect against any jealousy!

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