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Sacred Heart Tiger Poster 42x29.7

Sacred Heart Tiger Poster 42x29.7

The poster you are looking at now brings together two strong symbols of Japanese culture: the tiger and the ex-voto heart. The tiger, a majestic and powerful animal, is the astrological sign of the year 2022 in Japan.

For centuries, the Japanese have celebrated the transition from one year to the next by counting the years with the 12 animals of the Eto zodiac, a heritage from ancient China. The graphic representation of the tiger on this poster is impressively realistic and evokes all the beauty of this feline.

Next to him, an ex-voto heart testifies to the gratitude of the Japanese towards the gods for their protection and benevolence. Heart ex-votos, offered in Shinto temples, are symbols of hope and gratitude towards the divine. The contrast between the wild strength of the tiger and the tenderness of the heart make it a surprising and intriguing duo which will not fail to arouse the admiration and curiosity of everyone.

Passionate about Japanese culture, I saw the Virgin imagined associating his universe with Japanese beliefs in a poster called “Sacred Tiger Heart”. “ Eye of the Tiger” is watching over you!

Characteristic :

Poster 170g/m2

Matte laid paper, A3 (297x420 mm) and 105x155 mm vertical

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