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Saint Mary Magdalene interior decoration statuette

Saint Mary Magdalene interior decoration statuette

Discover our magnificent statue of Saint Mary Magdalene, one of the most important biblical figures. Mary Magdalene was a woman who was possessed by seven demons, but after Jesus healed her, she became one of his most faithful followers. According to the Gospels, she was present during the crucifixion of Jesus and was even one of the first to see the resurrection of Christ.

This statue honors Mary Magdalene by depicting her with a pot of perfume, which symbolizes the perfumes she used to anoint Jesus' feet before his death. After the death of Jesus, Mary Magdalene would have traveled to France to continue her preaching mission. She is often considered the patron saint of Provence, and her tomb is in the town of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume.

This resin statue has been painstakingly crafted with incredible detail for a realistic depiction of Saint Mary Magdalene. Add this magnificent piece to your collection of religious statues and marvel at the beauty and history of this iconic saint.

Characteristic :

• 19 cm L x 6.5 cm W


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